Silence is the fabric upon which the notes are woven

L. Duncan



Braine l'Alleud, April 6-8, 2018

Competition 2018

The Winners

Anna Semenyuk

Anna Semenyuk, Russia
1° Prize "Professionals"

Zhou Ni

Zhou Ni, China
2° Prize "Professionals"

Esther Kouwenhoven

Esther Kouwenhoven, Netherlands
3° Prize "Professionals"

Pawel Trojak

Pawel Trojak, Poland
1° Prize "Young Talents"

Daria Strulya

Daria Strulya
2° Prize "Young Talents"

Luisa Trejos

Luisa Trejos, Colombia
3° Prize "Young Talents"

Cécile Lastchenko

Cécile Lastchenko, Belgium
Prix du Public

Pawel Trojak

Pawel Trojak, Poland
Prix du Festival de l'Ete Mosan

Scholarships for a Session of Voice Master Classes:

Wu BingZheng, China

Luisa Trejos, Colombia

Xu Yang, China

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