Life is one
grand, sweet song;
so start the music.

R. Reagan

Les Semaines Musicales du Brabant Wallon

XIV° Concours Lyrique International "Bell'Arte"
Discovering New Talents
January-February, 2023

Braine l'Alleud, Belgium

The Competition Rounds

For all the categories, 3 rounds will take place to select the award winners.
The Eliminatory round will be virtual in a free program of Arias and Art songs.
(Youtube-unlisted video). This video has to be submitted by January 10th, 2023, midnight at the latest.

The program of each round may not exceed 15 minutes (10 minutes for the non-professionals).

The semi-final and the final round, live performances, will take place at:
the Académie de Musique de Braine-L'Alleud, rue du Château, 49, 1420 Braine-L'Alleud, on February 25-26, 2023.

The names of the semi-finalists will be communicated by February 1st.

For the semi-final and final round, the candidate can apply for a pianist from the competition (25 €)

In case the candidate prefers to perform with his/her own pianist - at the candidate's expenses-,
the pianist has to complete his personal data's and sign the application form too.

  • Eliminatory Round : the candidate must submit a video through Youtube (unlisted video) by January 10th, midnight at the latest.

    Find the instructions here: Voice Recording Instructions 2023

  • Semi-Final, on February 25th:

    • - Professionals: The candidate selects 1 aria and 1 oratorio or 2 arias; + 1 art song. (3 works in total)
    • - For the Grands Amateurs and Young Singers: The candidate selects 1 aria or oratorio; + 1 art song.(2 works in total)

    Additional condition for Young Singers and Professionals: Semi-final: 2 different languages and 2 different composers.

  • - Final Round, on February 26th:
    • - Grands Amateurs: 2 works (1 art song repeated from 2nd round)
    • - Young Singers: 2 works
    • - Professionals: 3 works

      The program includes the pieces from the proposed program except those performed in the previous rounds.
      (For the Grands Amateurs: 1 art song repeated from the 2nd round)
      Attention: for the semi-final and final rounds, the participants must arrive at least 45 minutes before their performance.

  • Rehearsal with the pianist in the concert hall will be possible on Friday, February 24th (semi-finalists) and on Sunday, February 26th (finalists).

    The winner of each category will be announced after the final round.

The voice competition committee is allowed at any time to modify organization elements and/or to decide about an eventual cancellation of the competition, if the circumstances or sanitary situation require it.

Videos and recordings of the semi-final and final may be used by the organization for subsequent broadcast, video and audio recording.
The candidate hereby grant the organizers the right to make use of their names, photography, voice and biographical materials as well as audio, video and DVD recordings on TV, radio and internet for promotional and commercial release. All materials submitted, including photos, become the property of the Fondation Bell'Arte aisbl

The candidate is responsible for his/her travel, accommodation and daily expenses.

The Award Ceremony

The Award Ceremony will take place on February 26th, after the jury's deliberation.

The Winners' presence is obligatory to receive the Award of the competition.

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