When words leave off, music begins

H. Heine

MusicA Braine l'Alleud 2022
Strings & Orchestra: April 4-8
Piano: April 11-15

Application Form
Application Deadline: March, 20, 2022

download printable application form

to be sent to:
Mrs. Hilde Delle-Vigne

e-mail: foundationbellarte@gmail.com


Fondation Bell'Arte
39bis, chaussée d'Alsemberg
1420 Braine l'Alleud-Belgique

  • Name: ____________________________________________

  • Given name: _______________________________________

  • O ID picture by post mail or jpg file only

  • O Biography

  • O Active participant
  • O Observer

  • O Piano
  • O 2 Pianos / 4 hands

  • O Chamber Music

  • O Violin      O

  • O Viola      O

  • O 'Cello      O

  • O Orchestra only      O

  • O Second discipline      O

  • O Option: Workshop (only during the piano session)      O

    Yes, I need a pianist-je demande un pianiste (30 €)
    (piano scores, if pianist is requested, as pdf file with the application - at the course: hard copies, assembled, ready for use by the pianist!)


  • Sex:_____________________________________

  • Place and Date of Birth: _____________________________________

  • Nationality: _____________________________________

  • Address: _____________________________________



  • Phone: _____________________________________

  • e-mail: _____________________________________

  • Diplomas - Level:_____________________________________



  • Current studies: _____________________________________

  • Current teacher: _____________________________________

  • Former teachers: _____________________________________


  • Proposed works

    1) _____________________________________

    2) _____________________________________

    3) _____________________________________

    4) _____________________________________

  • O Student/inhabitant of Braine l'Alleud-Académie de Musique or ICPA
    (proof must accompany this application)

  • Accommodation

    During the course my address will be: _____________________________________


    My Phone during the course: _____________________________________

    I would like to apply for the housing: YES - NO
    • The housing, upon request, is based on the order of registration, and in respect of the Covid sanitary rules.
      It's in a shared room and doesn't include any meals.
      Ask for availability before applying.
    • The cost has to be paid at the application, after confirmation of availibility by the board.

    Signature (by parents, if minor of age)


Payment Details:

Application fee:       80 Euros

Tuition:        _______________ Euros

Accompanist:        __(30 €)___ Euros

Option Workshop:        _______________ Euros
Housing:       _______________ Euros

in case of extra-european bank transfer: + 10,00 Euros

total amount:        __________________Euros

Refund Policy:
Application Deadline: March 20, 2022
  • Cancellation before March 20, 2022: refund 50% of the tuition
  • Cancellation before March 25, 2022: refund 25% of the tuition
  • No refunding if cancelling after March 25,2022 and beyond
  • The application fee is not refundable.
The information on the web site is the only valid reference

Concerts or (master)classes may be recorded and videotaped by the organizing committee for subsequent broadcast, video and audio recording use.
The applicants hereby grant the organizers the right to make use of their names, photography, voice
and biographical materials as well as audio, video and DVD recordings on TV, radio and Internet for promotional use.

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Kindly supported by

The town of Braine l'Alleud
& Cultural Department